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The great men of that terrible war were those who ultimately freed the slaves from bondage—most notably Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman—rather than those whose victory would have had fellow Americans owned as beasts of burden by their countrymen. Whether or not the soldiers of the Confederacy personally believed in slavery, they still fought to preserve the hideous, reprehensible internet dating scams Amarillo TX of buying and selling human beings—each and every one created in the image of G-d—like animals. To further debunk Rabbi Boteach, one Fort Collins CO online dating services read the Constitution of the CSA which specifically forbids the foreign slave trade.

The idea that any southern state capitol would fly the Confederate flag offends the sensibilities and perpetuates racial division. There is no easy answer to this question. But is the wrong history, the worst kind of history that could be perpetuated.

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Rabbi, get your history date ideas Park City UT. Davis and Lee never waged a war against civilians, and in their personal lives historians tell us they were scrupulous gentleman. Zarqawi fights to deny Muslims their rights and to deny them a say in their political future, and the Confederate leaders fought so that blacks would have no rights and no future. Many of the Southerners who romanticize the Confederacy are religious Christians who lead lives devoted to moral excellence. In every way, the enslavement of blacks that Lee and Davis fought to perpetuate is much more severe than any kind of enslavement that contemporary Muslim governments, however brutal and despotic, would currently inflict against their people.

Prejudice in the north was extreme. Lee in particular was instrumental in getting his fellow Southerners to lay down their weapons after Appomattox rather than continuing a guerrilla struggle from the mountains of the West. But his personal feelings about the institution are utterly fun date ideas in Valley AL.

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To argue that they were fighting for this right which they already had and were guaranteed is the height of determined ignorance. There is much work to do. If this article was written by someone who had been involved in these groups I would consider it very differently. Which le me to another conundrum. Indeed it is. This week, I took my family to Virginia in pursuit of one of my favorite summertime activities, dating during divorce Lafayette LA Civil War battlefields.

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There is and rightly so bitterness about the issue of slavery. As it is I have met several people involved in portraying the history of the south. Several 4 are freethinkers who believe in date Norfolk girls for free rights for everyone.

O spare me, guard me from the evil that is impending! Moreover, Rabbi Boteach appears not to have been aware that every ship from the US bringing slaves to America was owned and registered by northern states. Still others would say that when G-d-fearing Christians honor the Confederate leaders today, they do so as a means of honoring the South and a lost way of life rather than focusing on slavery.

And would anyone dare erect one? The young men who fought on the side of the south did not do so in order to protect the wealthy slave owners. It began when the South rejected the election of Abraham Lincoln, a president who they believed would abolish slavery but whom we Americans today regard as the greatest president ever to lead this country.

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I know that this is a hot-button issue, and that there are some state capitols that want to incorporate the Confederate battle flag into theirs because, they argue, the Confederacy is an integral part of their history. Thou who art near when all other aid faileth! And why would those of the other nation, supposedly fighting the other side of the issue do so when their country supported the cause they fought against?

What on earth could make a man like that a hero? And for those who say that removing such statues would be an affront to free speech, I would respond, are there any statues of Benedict Arnold in Pennsylvania womens dating United States? Robert E. Lee was opposed to slavery.

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The War to Prevent Southern Independence was fought for the purpose contained in that more accurate appelation. Last summer, when I visited Richmond, the Confederate capital, with my children, I was astonished to see the enormous Buford date ideas of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. And aside from the slavery question, were these men not nicholas Tempe dating to their country? O L-rd, Ruler of Nations, destroy the power of our enemies!

Modern Germany is rightly ashamed of its past and the symbols of that past. Oh G-d of the Universe! What could make a man like Jefferson Davis a hero in the eyes of the good people of the modern South, and what message are those who lionize this man sending to their children?

Although unworthy through my manifestold transgressions, I approach the seat to flirt in Atlantic thy mercy, to crave thy favor, and to seek thy protection. To be sure, I do not compare the Confederate leadership to terrorists. We traveled to the four great battlefields around Fredericksburg, where more thansoldiers died in the course of the war.

For people of religion should be lionizing only those whose lives captured the divine ideals that they hold dear.

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After all, the South fought for a truly evil cause. The great men of the Civil War were not the rebels, but those who fought to preserve the unity of this great nation rather than to tear it asunder.

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Zarqawi fights so that women can be whipped in the streets when they are dressed immodestly, and the Confederate leaders fought so that black women could dating n Georgia lashed when they disobeyed the orders of their masters. One of those eight does harbor prejudice free native Alaska chat I have seen come out in his writings.

This 6. The cause for which the Confederate leaders fought, namely slavery, was no more noble than the cause for which the terrorist mastermind Abu Musab Al Zarqawi fights for today in Baghdad. Behold me now, O my Father, supplicating Thy protection! The horrors of it have still not been confronted and admitted by this country as well as the prejudice that still exists. I supplicate thy forgiveness, O most merciful Father, sikh dating Beaumont the many transgressions and the oft repeated disobedience, which cause Thee to command destruction over me.

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The North did not go to battle with the South in order to free the slaves. It is not a KKK meeting. But all these answers ring hollow. If General Lee fought for the south, despite being against slavery, what were his reasons? When the slaves were freed there was no Savannah vs australian dating to help them have a better life.

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I also fulfilled my lifelong dream of visiting Appomattox Courthouse where on April 9,Lee famously surrendered to Grant, in effect ending the war. Why would men go to fight a war for a Constitution that forbade the foreign slave trade and to fight it against those unique date ideas San Francisco California CA a Constitution that ALLOWED that slave trade?

If brother fought against brother, then why? That issue was introduced later in the war. O Lord, G-d of Israel, be with me in the hot season of the contending strife; protect and bless me with health and courage to bear cheerfully the hardships of war. In the course of my travels, I have driven on Robert E.

Lee Drive and Jefferson Davis Highway.

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The horrors of slavery have been forgotten and only the charm of the old South has remained. Did we forget that it is the symbol of rebellion against the authority of the United States and stands for hatred of America?

Our firesides are threatened; the foe is before us, with the declared intention to desecrate our soil, to murder our people, and to deprive us of the glorious inheritance which was left to us by the immortal fathers of this once great Republic. The Confederate rebellion cost the United Stateslives. It is high time for the United States to remove statues of Confederate leaders. Free Missouri sex for mobile I stand now with many thousands of the sons of the sunny South, to face the foe, to drive him back, and to defend our natural rights.

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Not a single slaver ship came from a southern city or was owned by a southerner. When religious southern Christians engage in nostalgia virtual date Illinois the Confederacy, they are making the mistake of putting Southern sentiment before religious conviction, in effect elevating an inferior part of their identity over the most central part. Wherever you go in the South, Robert E.

Lee, Jefferson Davis, J. Stuart, James Longstreet, and the other Confederate leaders are venerated as heroes. The only relevant point was that he used his military genius to fight a war that would have kept men, women, and children in chains. This was the essential, defining institution that the Confederacy struggled to keep. But the cause for which these foreigners dating in Seattle WA fought was just as odious as that for which terrorists would lay down their lives today.

Why do Americans stand for Southerners idolizing the Confederacy, despite the evils of slavery and treason at its heart? That it is good to rebel against the United States?

This once happy country is inflamed by the fury of war; a menacing enemy is arrayed against the rights, liberties and freedom of this, our Confederacy; the ambition of this enemy has dissolved fraternal love, and the hand of fraternity has been broken asunder by the Houston Texas TX girl meet of those, who sit now in council and meditate our chastisement, with the chastisement of scorpions.

For more information, click www. Regional loyalty must never come before eternal principle.

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