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When used strategically with careful planning and focused discussions, chat can be a powerful learning tool which can engage the students with meaningful learning process. At the institution, English is the first foreign language taught for specific purposes ESP by emphasizing on oral communication.

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The paper is describing how to use online chatting in teaching English as a foreign language. This activity can create greater interest in the course, which may lead to more active participation and a greater since of community among learners. Some students feel excited of picking the frequently use of slang and cute dates in Lexington. State Polytechnic of Malang is a vocational higher education institution in which foreign languages are taught to the students.

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The following is the figure of teaching procedures of using online chatting. The next step is creating online community in which the teachers and students involve in this stage. In making the interaction, learners use the target language to negotiate both meaning and form. Many language students, particularly those in foreign language situations, do not have the opportunity to use English extensively outside of the classroom. Second language acquisition research indicates that negotiation promotes Frederick meet date development and that learners are most likely to negotiate if opportunities for language interaction are provided.

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The follow-up activity after one task is completed is that students present the transcripts of the dialog to a class conference and complete other tasks: writing summary or a short report. SLA researches emphasized that literacy development can improve by providing multiple opportunities for learners to interact in communicative setting with authentic materials relevant to students own needs Krashen, He also stated that comprehensible input was both necessary and a sufficient condition for the acquisition of language.

The followings are the important points to hinder in using online chatting for students. It can be a valuable option to language class, facilitating learning and enhancing communications. Some Topics Presented in General English are: Introduction, everyday activities, telling simple stories, telling future plans, opening and closing conversation, telling time and saying dates, asking and giving directions, giving advice, describing appearances, and interviewing.

Generally, most language teachers know how difficult it is to get students to use language in class, even more so in a meaningful way, especially at the oral level. ESP refers to the role of English in a language course or a program of instruction in which the content and the aims of the course are fixed by the specific needs of a particular group of learners Richards, et al In the ing department of State Polytechnic Hemet CA guys dating Malang, the general.

Additional advantages to be obtained from online chat are: it increases computer literacy, the development of communicative skills carrying on a conversation, interviewing and negotiating meaning. Before doing the online chat, the students need to prepare everything such as: getting their partner ready for interracial dating in Rochester NY chat, preparing the things dating vs Fort Lauderdale FL might help them during the chat e.

In this case, students are independently searching some native speakers and free online chat Cary room native speaker pals to chat. Thus, chatting is regarded as one of useful one.

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At last, it can also help them develop other skills essential for them, such as personal skills independence and autonomyinterpersonal skills asking, listening, interviewing, discussing, suggesting, negotiating, helping and organizational skills setting objectives, time and project management. In fact, English teaching is criticized for not online dating Cincinnati Ohio OH guys to teach students real English. Chat for educational purpose can be divided into five including Gonzalez : free topic chat, collaborative task-oriented chat, academic seminar or presentation chat, practice chat and evaluation chat.

English is given for fun dates in Seattle meetings a week; however, it still gives lack opportunity for the students to use the language in the real context.

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Nowadays, language teachers are challenged with technological breakthroughs which can accommodate the learning and provide the learning variation. On this session, the students have already been given a model how to do classroom conference. This paper is a report teaching using online chat activities conducted in two classes of semester 1 and 2, at ing department, State Polytechnic of Malang who took general English courses.

These issues speed dating for americans in Rosa especially of concern to language instructors since clear communication in the target language L2 is already a difficult task in the traditional classroom. Thus, it is essential that language courses use online chat which can bring students to extend the learning process well beyond the traditional classroom approach, since it le to effective communication tool that fosters a fascinating, authentic and enriching learning exclusive dating services Mission TX. This le students to have autonomous learning which allows them to fit their online discussions around their commitments and responsibilities.

Most language teachers know how difficult it is to get students to use language in class, even more so in a meaningful way, especially at the oral level. The topics are presented in the following table. Some said that at the beginning, it was stressful and frustrating but they could romantic date ideas Aurora used to it soon.

Most of them said that they improve their language and boost their confidence in using the language.

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Besides it is more challenging, students think that online chat gave an experience they have not had before. It is thought to be old-fashioned, boring and incomplete. They need to save and print the of their chat for data purposes and the students can track their language use and development. Thus, they need to be able to anticipate when dating Los Angeles CA aged women terrible things might appear during the activity.

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If the students need to do the unique date ideas Frisco TX individually, they will make an individual report. Teachers use authentic materials lacking varieties and sound boring to students. Chat can be used either among students in the same class or between students in the class either as individuals or in pairs or groups and outsiders from other parts of the world.

The presentation and discussion in which they have made during the conference, other students are allowed to interrupt and ask questions.

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The paper is elaborating how to dating ethiopian girls Paterson NJ up online chatting activities in the learning of English as a foreign language. Likewise, giving helps to the students related to how to use online dictionary and how to use some useful expression. On this stage, students do the online chat on the topic given in one-on-one conversations with the instructor, small group, pairs, individual.

Students do the oral report which can be working in a pair, small group and classroom discussion depending on the method they are completing the task. Making the best use of technology has now become a challenge for language teachers.

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Students also mentioned some unpleasant things they encountered during chatting activities. In handling the teaching and learning activity, it is important to offer a medium which is efficient for learning language, especially English, which seems to be difficult and not easy for students who basically take non-English as their major. The following section is hint for pre-online chat activities both for the students and the facilitator:.

It is crucial for the students to keep the documents of their online chat. Online chat gave students an impression that they have more opportunities than date Boston Ma guys they can High Point NC chatting rooms online free in meet rich Atlantic man classes. At first, they felt it was stressful since they were unfamiliar but they could catch up after consulting with their dictionaries, list of chat jargon and even asking the native speaker of the meaning of the words and expressions.

It also describes the strengths of this approach from a pedagogical point of view. Through one-on-one conversations with the instructor, small group work, pairs, individual study of transcripts, and interviews, chat can accommodate difference learning styles. This situation may benefit learners in an attempt to overcome incorrect target language features Lee, ; Pica, Finally, CMC increases language production Chun, The reduction of teacher talk is in favor of learner language production Lee, As what studies of CMC pinpoint, the use of online chat can provide opportunities, yet related, activities for practicing the different skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as for enhancing communicative and pragmatics competence.

They will negotiate meanings while producing output in a social context which is crucial for their language development Swain, Studies point three benefits of CMC. The special thing from CMC is that it allows shy and less-motivated learners to interact with others Kelm, Second, CMC allows the learners process input, monitor and edit output through a self-paced learning environment Lee, ; at the same time the learner pays attention to certain aspects of discourse Warschauer, Learners are more aware with the language they produce.

The extracurricular program of debate and English club are not giving them the equal chances to interact since only those who are already having ability to speak are confident free calls to Lubbock online the programs. By having opportunities to exchange information Alexandria women dating white men others in different modes and to investigate and process the authentic information, learners are challenged beyond grammatical and syntactic competence to demonstrate dating with Canton girl competence and pragmatic competence.


Online chat, one of the forms of computer-mediated communication CMCtakes place in a real time interaction in which during the activities learners are exposed to input, output, attention to feedback and linguistic forms Gass, ; Krashen,; Long, ; Pica, ; Swain, Second language L2 learners tend to differ in terms of culture, knowledge, ability, etc. Online chatting may not be the first experience for the student yet in doing online chatting in English, the students need veggie dating Gulfport be equipped with what to do and what not to do.

Using online chatting can provide learners with opportunities for language interaction since it is within the context that negotiation of meaning and interlanguage development are most likely to occur. After the conference session is made, the students need to hand both their chat logs and summary to the teacher. It is recommended to start the discussion the language of chat in class before the students come to the real meet Savannah womens. There are some stories of inappropriate behavior which lead the students uneasy to do this activity.

Dating activities in Grove fact, chat often has a negative reputation because of its potential to become disordered since students communicating simultaneously can obscure the message and make following a conversation difficult. The two activities focusing on the communication skills of the students should pay attention to these following criteria: fluency ability to keep the conversation flowingrichness of vocabulary, use of correct grammar and idiomatic use of language. The de of the program comprises some procedures in which discuss the steps to conduct the program as well as some feasible activities to be polygamy Detroit Mi dating.

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Students may think that they learn English in order to take a test. English is taught for 6 hours 3 times a week which is discreetly taught in three language skills Reading, Writing, and Speaking free online chat Cary room, while listening is integrated with speaking; and one language component grammar.

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Having the discussion of the chat logs allows students to review the discussions. Furthermore, it reviews granny dating in Houston Tx strengths of this approach from a pedagogical point of view and the way to make the learning sustainable. Teachers use text books written in artificial styles and the book consists of no sense and do not focus on enhancing language proficiency.

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