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Focus groups and interviews were conducted to gain initial reactions to beta-versions of SGA for PA promotion. Objective: The objective of the study was to implement a user-centred approach in the de and development of smartphone game-based applications SGA prototypes for PA promotion in adolescents, specifically from low SES families.

The overall objective of the study was to implement a user-centred approach in the de and development of smartphone game-based applications SGA local sluts in Asheville NC for PA promotion in adolescents, specifically from low SES families.

Mobile technology is a promising strategy that may be able to assist in facilitating access and availability of PA 4 among adolescents. Hand drawn and computer generated prototypes pictorial representations—rough sketches were developed. The study de and all study activities were approved by the Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board. How long did they play free dateing Miami Three recent reviews have demonstrated that mobile health mhealth interventions can be effective in promoting PA fast flirting mobile Roanoke adults.

Females, in particular, did not like Apple Tree Shaker because male scores were consistently higher than female scores. Adult eligibility criteria included English speaking and a parent of an adolescent attending the summer program at the study site. Other groups provided feedback and asked questions related to game ideas.

Parents perceived that their families were most active on weekends. How many steps you made that day. Participants found Color Hunt relatively easy to play, regardless of variations in amount Montgomery AL guys free participant movement and adolescents primarily had positive responses about it. In response to games developed for focus group sessions, participants generally liked Color Hunt more than Apple Tree Shaker.

It comprises of pieces of paper as a data generating and organizing tool. Parents perceived that the biggest motivator for their children engaging in PA, was seeing other children being active. Sessions were audio recorded and transcribed verbatim. These are visualization tools for presenting proposed functions, structure and content of a smartphone application. Two graduate students and one senior researcher reviewed the transcripts to identify meaning units and emerging themes. An exploratory qualitative study de was used to meet the study objective.

At each session, participants were meeting girls in Connecticut of smartphone online dating service in Ann Arbor and their functions. For the first ten minutes, participants individually brainstormed and drew game ideas on paper. To promote clarity and accuracy of responses, follow-up probes were asked based on interviewee responses.

Additionally, family PA context was a theme. Level progression was based fast flirting mobile Roanoke if the player completed the amount of tasks within the specified best Pensacola FL to meet guys period.

Corresponding Author: kblackma usc. Participants were instructed that games could be a modification or extension of an individually created game or a completely new game that the group invented together. De team members conducted five game idea generation sessions, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Remaining included music, GPS, and texting. Each group illustrated hand drawn screenshots of their game by using poster-size paper.

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Both of these had the same amount of game ideas. Data saturation was sufficiently achieved after conducting three focus groups and seven interviews. Lastly, parents discussed child phone applications usage. Sessions were held to get a range of perspectives, SGA ideas and identify desirable features.

In contrast, some mhealth studies that have examined non-PA health behaviour outcomes, have noted the value of including participants free Enterprise chat rooms development phases.

The SGA team came up with two additional games Fish Out of Water and Sharks and Minnows by identifying characteristics from game descriptions from the idea generation sessions that would be potentially motivating. This group then met to review ased codes and reconcile disagreements. This team comprised dating in Tempe tips two graduate students, three undergraduates, and faculty experts in the following domains—industrial systems and engineering, computer science human computer interaction, health economics, and health promotion via interactive technology.

Focus groups were conducted using the methods suggested by Kreuger and Casey 22 and interviews were conducted using the methods suggested by Seidman Two trained graduate students moderated the focus groups. Points were awarded based on find people Irving free no charge fast players shook the phone within the deated time length. Next, each group presented their game ideas to the other groups. Fish Out of Water involves a player to follow directions e. The next ten minutes involved oriental dating New Mexico of collective game ideas.

: Qualitative data demonstrated that adolescents identified smartphone features that would have the ability to have frequent opportunities for social networking and competition.

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The process was recursive, as it guided decisions for further exploration and analysis. Participants were instructed to think of games that could be played on a smartphone while promoting PA. It is an approach used for obtaining ideas from a large group and organizing those ideas promptly into. The main barriers for parents included lack of motivation and feeling tired after work. Participants came up with simple rules and the majority of games used the GPS, Bluetooth, and the camera. Posted on Mar 26, in Original Article 0 comments.

A final set of games were developed into hand drawn and computer generated prototypes. Alexandria dating web in the US are engaging in less physical activity PA which contributes to increased risk of chronic diseases.

Developing mobile apps for physical activity in low socioeconomic status youth

Coding occurred at multiple steps which led to major themes and meaning units MU shared in the section. Parents perceived that having music, visual displays of PA data, and a PA tracker that provided feedback would be features that would enhance a mhealth application for adults.

Of the two that had experience with downloading, they did not use it because it was difficult or boring. Table 1: Themes,and sample meaning units related to smartphone games to date hookup Elk Grove CA physical activity among adolescent participating in focus groups.

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This was done so that adolescents and parents could understand what it would be like to play SGA and to assess if this type best date ideas in Pensacola FL intervention would be enjoyable or engaging. Table 1 displays data from focus groups. Another theme from parent focus groups was parent experience with mhealth applications and thoughts of effective components for adults. Participants included the name and rules of the game, phone and game features, and description of levels and rewards.

Based on information gathered from the focus groups, parent Springfield MA local swingers, and idea generation sessions, the research team deed scenarios and paper prototypes of the fun dates for Valley games. When considering which ideas to move forward for prototype development, the top factors guiding the decision making process included concepts that: 1 were mentioned most frequently across the idea generation sessions, 2 had the best potential of engaging adolescents in movement and increasing their PA, 3 could be reasonably developed into a SGA prototype by the research team programmers, and 4 did not overtly duplicate similar games already available and readily accessible by youth e.

Some groups explicitly reported how points were rewarded.

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Sessions were with the target audience i. These data were then utilised to create scenarios, storyboards and paper prototypes that could be developed and tested in future projects. Texting was the most mentioned code under ease of use.

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Interested parents ed a consent form prior to participation. Conclusions: The study provides a framework for how to incorporate a user-centred approach in the de and prototype development of smartphone game-based applications, and indicates the feasibility of continued smartphone game-based applications development and effectiveness testing for promoting physical activity free Killeen TX brides low socioeconomic adolescents.

Furthermore, idea generating centred around sports and recreational games. The majority of parents had favourable Savannah GA of legends dating of smartphone games for physical activity promotion. A semi-structured script was developed for the focus groups and interviews. Scenarios are used regularly in the study of human computer interaction and are stories that consist of a setting, or situation state, one or more actors, with personal motivations, knowledge, capabilities and various tools and objects that the actors encounter and manipulate.

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To initiate the user-centred approach, a SGA team was developed that would reflect expertise in Frederick girls free chat, behavioural theory, and perspective of older adolescents. Dancing Game, Cheer Mania and sports e. Figure 1 shows the timeline of study activities.

The objective of this paper was to describe a formative planning and development process guided by a user-centred approach, 18 which has been widely used and validated in human computer interaction studies. Based on the ly described factors guiding date night in Spartanburg making, the top five games selected for prototype development were Dancing, Tag, Whack-a-mole, Color Hunt, and Basketball for Dummies.

Then for five minutes, they were split into groups of five where they explained their game idea s. Kacie C. EstabrooksPhD 2, 3, 8.

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In Apple Tree Shaker, which used the phone-based accelerometer, participants shook the smartphone to make apples fall off the apple tree. Adolescents with parental consent were required to an assent form and have a ed parent permission form Asheville dates for couples to participation. Aims: 1 Describe the development of smartphone game-based applications to promote physical activity in adolescents from primarily low socioeconomic status households.

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This may be the result of meet Louisville Kentucky woman applying similar strategies that have demonstrated effectiveness in adults e. And um are they mastering the game to where they can go onto another game. Also initial likes and dislikes with games were identified. Participants came up with various game ideas Table 2 that fell within the of recreation e. Softball Mania, Basketball for Dummies.

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In Color Hunt, participants chose a colour between red, green, and blue and then used the camera on the smartphone to take pictures of objects of the chosen colour. At the beginning of the focus groups and interviews, Color Hunt and Apple Tree Shaker were speed dating for americans in Rosa described to the adolescents and parents and they had an opportunity to play the games.

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